Low Wing Piper Aircraft

Piper Aircraft, Inc. located in Vero Beach Florida it is considered one of the "Big Three" general aviation manufacturers. Between 1927 and 2009 the company produced 144,000 aircraft, they are some of the most successfull aircraft in the world.

Piper PA28


High Wing Cessna Aircraft

The Cessna Aircraft Company headquartered in Whichita Kansas is one of the global leader of small aircraft production. The C-172 is the most popular general aviation aircraft and the most sucessfull.

Cessna C-172


Helicopter Robinson Aircraft

The Robinson Helicopter Company based in Torrance California founded in 1973 manufacturers 3 different type of helicpters the R22, R44, and R66 turbine helicopter. They have produced more than 12,000 aircraft and in 2013 was the global market leader..

Robinson R44